Luann Adams, Individual, Marriage and Family Therapy in Royal Oak, Ferndale, Berkley and Shelby Township, Michigan Luann Adams, Individual, Marriage and Family Therapy in Royal Oak, Ferndale, Berkley and Shelby Township, Michigan


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How do I know when I should seek help?

As a general rule, you should seek help when distress is starting to affect your life (your outlook, your family, your job) in negative ways. You should seek help when you are unclear about what you need to do to “get unstuck” or to prevent things from getting worse.

How do I get started?

The preparation is often the hardest part. Most people experience a certain amount of anxiety in the process. However, a few moments into our first session will probably find you calmer and ready to work.

To help us get acquainted and focused more quickly, I ask that you complete an introductory questionnaire. This helps me understand your background from a variety of viewpoints. Many people find it helpful to complete this questionnaire before our first session, as it helps them sort through and prioritize their thoughts in preparation for therapy.

How long does it take?

Single-session therapy is not unheard of. However, couples usually require 8-10 sessions. Premarital couples often complete work with me in 3 – 6 sessions.

The length of therapy varies widely depending on the nature of the concern. I work with my clients to design and monitor a therapeutic plan. An important part of an initial therapy session is to clarify goals and define success.

Do you counsel children and adolescents?

I do see children and adolescents individually. However, my preference is to meet first with the parenting team to learn as much as I can about the family’s dynamics, context, and strengths. Most often, I include the entire family group as much as possible in the therapeutic process with children and adolescents. Also, I provide carefully chosen referral options for individual therapy for children.

Do you prescribe medication?

No. For medication evaluations and psychiatric assessments, I refer clients to several trusted area psychiatrists and primary care physicians.

Will my insurance cover this work?

I do not bill insurance companies directly. However, I offer an adjustable fee scale which is calibrated according to the annual gross income of the household. Many of my clients are being reimbursed by their health savings account(s). I am glad to provide documentation for the purpose of requesting reimbursement.